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Who is Infinity?

Infinity was created in 2012 out of a passion for energy saving and sustainable solutions.

At Infinity, our dedication lies in contributing towards building a sustainable future. We take pride in our efforts to minimise the global carbon footprint. Our focus on energy-efficient solutions drives our every action, from developing and introducing inventive products to offering knowledgeable guidance and assistance. We are committed to aiding our clients in lessening their environmental influence.

As part of the larger Infinity Energy Organisation, Infinity Electric Bikes Ltd is committed to making a positive impact on both personal mobility and environmental conservation.

Why Choose Infinity Electric Bikes Ltd?

Authorized Dealers

Rest assured, Infinity Electric Bikes Ltd is an authorized dealer for all the brands we showcase. This means you’ll benefit from the full manufacturer’s warranty with every purchase, providing you with peace of mind.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Understanding the apprehension associated with online purchases, we want to assure you that each manufacturer featured on our site is carefully selected by our team to ensure top-notch quality.

Our Core Values

These are the words that best describe Infinity. We believe these core values represent who we are as a company and why we call our business a family run business.

Every individual that has joined the business has become a part of our little family. We strongly believe that this is what makes us better than our competition.

It’s down to our unity as a team that we have grown from a 2 person business in 2013 to now a business that has employed over 80+ employees with prospect to grow even further but only with people with the same values and mindset as us.

  • Passion

    We are a team with a strong mindset and will take on any challenge. The goal is always to achieve the maximum success for the business.

  • To Serve

    We push each other to be the best we can. It does not matter how tiring or difficult times can get, we do not think twice about rallying together to back the business and each other.

  • Initiative

    Everyone brings about a unique quality to the business. We are open to solutions and with a friendly atmosphere, there is never a feeling of hesitation to put ideas forward.

  • Pride

    We do not just tap into strengths but into each other’s weaknesses and push each other to turn them into positives for the greater good. The core focus is on the pride we feel when everyone excels. As the team excels, the business thrives.

  • Dedication

    Firstly, and foremost, we are the Infinity Family. Like any family we have our ups and downs but ultimately every voice is heard. We laugh, we cry, and we are certainly loud, but it does not matter what position is held within the business, we are there for each other through thick and thin.

Services Offered

Warmer & eco-friendly homes

We provide energy-saving measures as a way to reduce our negative impact on the environment. These measures can not just keep your home warm and comfortable, they also reduce energy consumption.

Home Insulation​​

Improve overall thermal efficiency of your home. Save more from your heating bill and reduce your carbon emissions.​


We are happy to replace your inefficient boiler at affordable prices with an “A” Rated boiler, which will automatically increase your energy efficiency rating of your home.​​

Solar Panels​

If you are looking for a true sustainable and energy efficient home, solar panels are the best investment you can make.​

EV Charging Point​

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station works by harnessing electricity from one of the several sources, then distributing that power to your vehicle.​


This essential training course delivers training for an integral role in the new PAS 2035 standard.

Electric Bikes

We believe that sustainable transportation should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer our bikes at affordable prices.

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